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  • Do you have permission to operate in the airport terminals?
    Indeed, we have permission to operate in the airport terminals and we are licensed to transport passengers on the federal highways of Mexico. All our vehicles have up-to-date permits and insurance policies.
  • What is your policy when transporting children?
    The quoted price is per unit, not per passenger, so there is no problem in transporting children.
  • Do you have car seats for babies?
    Indeed, we have car seats for babies and booster type too.
  • How do I identify my driver?
    Once you leave the arrivals hall, your driver will be outside holding a sign with your name printed on it. Below we show the official uniform.
  • Do you rent vehicles by the hour for private excursions?
    That is correct, we have private tours and the price includes a driver. The rental of the vehicle is for a minimum of 3 hours.
  • Do you have vehicles to transport people with disabilities?
    That's right and we do it with prior reservation. The seats of our vehicles have the ability to be configured according to the needs of all types of passengers.
  • What do I do if I have a confirmed reservation, but my flight is delayed?
    Prior to your arrival, our staff will check the flight status 3 hours in advance to confirm if it will arrive on time or not. In case of delay, the airline will inform us of the arrival estimate so that we can make the necessary changes and be present when you arrive. If your flight is canceled for any reason, please send us an email notifying us of your new itinerary.
  • How do I cancel a confirmed reservation?
    The procedure is very simple, just give click here. Once you have sent us the cancellation request, we will follow up and contact you as soon as possible.
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